Article (7) Port Authority issued license to practice the activity of the navigational agent after being sure of fulfilling the conditions set out in Article (6) Following the approval of the minister, and the annual renewal of the license to be taken into account when the agent continued to meet the same conditions.
Article (8) The port authority responsible for ensuring consistently from the shipping agent do his duties properly and have the right after the approval of the Minister to withdraw the license if it considers a breach of the requirements of the proxy granted Altrahis or duties set forth.
Article (9) does not assume responsibility for the shipping agent shippers or consignees for loss of or damage to the goods for which the discharge to be delivered to or received by the owners of the ship in the ship except for personal mistake or error of his subordinates.
Article (10) arise room navigational represent the navigational agencies operating in the port and its functions are determined as follows: _
      1_ coordination between agents Almlahieddin in the practical aspects of operating and leading to the development and improvement of services provided to ships in ports and resolve any disputes arise between them.
      2_ controls to prevent harmful competition between agents Almlahieddin (and him pulling agencies) and leading to damage the reputation of the port and the levels of services provided therein.
      3_ proposal tariffs and various fees related services Shipping Agencies.
      4_ submit views and proposals on the development of the capacity of the ports and improve its various services.
Article (11) may be room Maritime ports of Yemen creation of the Union of Chambers of navigational coordinate the work to achieve the pelletizing and improve the services provided to the ships in the port of Yemen.

Cargo handling: -
Article (12) The authority of the port cargo handling operations and internal transport in the port and investment marinas, docks and warehouses in the port itself may be a port authority after the approval of the Minister to grant licenses to legal or natural persons to work Kmtahda cargo handling for all types of cargo in ports and shelves with the exception of container terminals.
Article (13) on the cargo handling operators licensed to operate in the port taking into account the applicable laws and regulations and comply with the following: _
      1_ compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines governing the work cargo handling and other regulations issued by the port authority.
      2_ work to raise the level of performance and increased discharge rates and the followers of the best ways and methods and the use of the most efficient methods and equipment in the field of storage and handling of goods.
      3_ fulfill all contractual obligations related to the topic of the activity license to third parties and to refrain from any actions that would damage the reputation and status of the port.
      4_ provide data and information relating to the right to work port authority when requested to do so.
      5_ meet the financial obligations of the port authority and the payment of fees and returns due dates prescribed in accordance with the regulations in force.
      6_ compliance with the laws in force in the Republic concerning the guarantees and rights of employees and workers handling the goods of his employees.
      7_ keep accounting records for the organization active in the field of handling the goods in accordance with generally accepted accounting assets and make them accessible to the competent authorities when they needed it.
      8_ commitment discharge rates and regulations for Botaúr work and controls as designated by the port authority.
Article (14) gives the license cargo handling at the port to any natural or legal person meets the following qualifications: _
      1_ should be registered in the commercial register of the Republic.
      2_ be a Yemeni national.
      3_ must not have been convicted of an offense involving the privilege of working.
      4_ that has the necessary expertise in the area of cargo handling.
      5_ to have a working capital dedicated to cargo handling activity at least six million riyals.
      6_ To have insurance coverage for a competent authority in the field of insurance for obligations related to his work and resulting in cargo handling.
      7_ to have a headquarters in the city, where there have been active port which is equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct the work.
      8_ that possess the necessary capabilities of the equipment, tools and mechanisms in terms of quantity and quality and technology to carry out cargo handling as designated by the port authority in the regulations.
      9_ to have a suitable number of staff and workers with experience in the field of cargo handling.
      10_ be filed with the port authority amount to be determined by it to fulfill any obligations it may be unable to repay them.
      11_ to commit to pay the fees prescribed in the list of wages and returns services and port facilities.
 Article (15) shall receive a contractor cargo handling wage for the services provided by and in accordance with the tariff of navigational and ratified by the port authority.
 Article (16) Port Authority issued license to practice the activity of the contractor handling the goods after confirmation of meeting the conditions set forth in Article 14) and after the approval of the minister, and the annual renewal of the license to be taken into account when the agent continued to meet the same conditions.
 Article (17) holds the port authority responsible for ensuring that the contractor is constantly cargo handling duties properly and have the right after the approval of the Minister to withdraw the license if it considers breach of licensing requirements or duties prescribed.
 Article (18) shall be the authority of the port after the approval of the Minister of container terminals to hire specialized companies to achieve maximum exploitation of energy and increase the financial resources of the port significantly.
General Provisions
Article (19) to the Minister the power to make any modifications or additions required by the public interest on the list
 Article (20) on the basis of the general attitude of the state to liberalize the economy and activating the mechanisms of the market and free competition allows any advanced practice activities, shipping agencies and cargo handling in the port of Yemen if he meets the requirements and conditions set forth in this regulation, and then took a share of the labor and the mechanisms used in these activities in the ports of Aden and Mukalla, according to what is agreed upon with the Minister.
 Article (21) This Regulation shall from the date of issuance and shall be repealed labor regulation issued ministerial order No. (9) for the year 1992.

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